A Big Day for Karuah RSL for ANZAC day inside the Club

April 26, 2024

Karuah RSL had a memorable ANZAC Day celebration inside the Club πŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊπŸŒΊ. The day was filled with gratitude and thanks, starting with a free breakfast delivered by volunteers, led by Lorie Parker and her dedicated team. Special mention goes to Peter Joass, Graham, and Pat for their impressive BBQ skills, cooking up a whopping 70kg of meat on just 2 BBQs starting at 3.30 am!

A big round of applause to the team at Karuah RSL, especially Pam Cembala and the back-of-house team, for their meticulous planning and ensuring the day ran smoothly. Nick John and Dave Cant kept the 2UP game running well, adding an extra layer of fun to the event. Sharon Guy and Casey O’Bryan led the bar team efficiently, ensuring a seamless experience for everyone in the front of house.

The bar team’s hard work and unity were commendable, navigating through a bustling day with smiles on their faces 😊. A massive thank you to Billy Kent and Phil for diligently cleaning up the aftermath, a task that did not go unnoticed. Directors Mark Hardy, Olivia Hurstfield, Janelle Henderson, and Elaine Wilson went above and beyond for the community, showcasing true dedication.

All the contributors from Karuah and nearby areas displayed exceptional teamwork and community spirit, making everyone proud. Lastly, a heartfelt thank you to the Karuah and District community for coming together